Living Technology

Uncommon techniques for mastering complex technology-based systems and software.

Shine The Light


There's a powerful approach for reducing complexity that allows a significant number of objects to be removed from your system, while decreasing maintenance and subsequently improving time-to-market for new features and functionality.

Taming a Beast


Technical Debt is the beast which is lurking in your code, stealing your profits, and eating away at your moral.

Almost Alive


As a direct result of steadily increasing complexity, Technology is incrementally acquiring the attributes of life - such as unpredictability (temperament), emergent behaviors (learning), goal-oriented behavior (desire), self-modification (growth), and self-replication (reproduction).

Fuel on the Fire


There are specific factors and conditions that, when present, trigger increasing costs and decreasing efficiency in your systems and software. Addressing these factors is critical.

Your Software Owns You


The unintentional complexity of your software grows quickly, and you end up being blamed for the resulting issues.

Engine Repair at 60 MPH


Complex systems are characterized by their dependencies - both internal and external. In practical terms, this means that changes to one part of a complex system have the potential for unforeseen consequences in other parts of the system.